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Baby Got Back Rock Remix Tab

Okay el pollo this is mi gitarre tabs for my bands remix of Baby Got Back Rock Rmx. ¡Goce de mi canción y coma una tortuga! 
Tuning: Dropped D or C or B
Preference: C
D---------]                    CHORUS   D--00031131
a---------]                             a--00031131
d---------]                             d--22253353
g---------]                             g--00                  b--5558668]                             b--00
e---------]                             e--00                  Repeat 4 times
(verse 1)
D--5558668]>Palm Mute this 
If some of you spiderchickens don't get it then wait for the single to come out Jan.03. copyright 03 Molera Rec. New Orleans, La. Borinquen.
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