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Anyone Else But You Tab

The Chords are G and Cmaj7 and are strummed like this.
Repeat this tab over and over until the song is over.
I recommend listening to the song first to get a feel
For how it sounds! Good Luck!

  [G]x2   x2  x2  x3   [C]x2  x2  x2  x2
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E:---3---3---3---0-    ---0---0---0---0---|
B:---0---0---0---0-    ---0---0---0---0---|
G:---0---0---0---0-    ---0---0---0---0---|
D:---0---0---0---0-    ---2---2---2---2---|
A:---2---2---2---2-    ---3---3---3---3---|
E:---3---3---3---3-    -------------------|