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Userfriendly Sexy Star Chords

User friendly sexy star

Intro:A-D(2x) G

Its ok if you ask to be your girlfriend
Give her time and your money she will tease your sins away
A six figure beauty with an IQ way below
She was never late never argues close the door sex galore

She'll kiss you twice every night my userfriendlysexystar don't change honey
stay the way you are
She'll treat you nice every night my userfriendly shining star don't change
honey we like the way you are.

Repeat Intro
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Its ok if you ask her to be your boyfriend doesn't really matter she will flirt
you just the same
Born to be a mistress or a mistress for you mistress 
the things she can do.. all the things she will do..
Its ok if you ask her to be your bestfriend a pretty face on a bus stop love her
and she'll please you every bar and every coffee shop she knows a boy or two 
She'll sweep the floor wash the dishes dress to play what a perfect day

Repeat chorus

Adlib: (D ko sure!!!) B-A-E-D-F#-E-D-Ehammer

Ohhh she feels no shame every boy or girl she'll do the same 
Ohhhhhh she feels no shame cause being seen with you is her claim to fame...

Repeat chorus..

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