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Runaway Angel Chords

Runaway Angel

intro, verse chords

chorus and solo chords:

Have you seen an angel tonight?
You know which way she arrived?
She couldn't have gone too far..
Too afraid I was just like that...
Checked out all the stores
The ones where she hangs out
She never said goodbye
Afraid she won't get by
This is all about you 
so you better run home soon
*Why don't you sit down and relax?
Think of all the reasons to head back.
Just don't forget where you got
Cause someone you are
The wings on your back
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Before you're far away....
I've been hearing over news
Although it seems not right
She's dancing without shoes
You didn't teach her that?
Two months of thinking over
(It occured, it never right)
Truth hidden by the lies
Wasn't either from the stars
The world unsteep without the angel
Could you ever gone that far?
*Why don't you sit down and relax?
And you'll have all the reasons to get high
Erase the questions from the past
They're no good to ask
Just stick with the facts
*Why don't you sit down and relax?
And gather up all the reasons to head back
Don't you regret what you've done
You're prayed for the fun
Enough with the hot
Remember who told you that?
No one prays without the angel
You know it's always been that way
And no one sings without me
So you better come home soon