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Another Day Chords

Another Day/Mojofly
Tabbed By: Dale James Ferrer
Capo: 2nd fret

Intro: G-D-C (2x)

i think i'll go home now, it's been the greatest day
thank you for shedding life to my fantasy
throw me a wicked smile, the one like yesterday
that threw me up and away to the evergreen

Em            C          G                        Em
like a spiral staircase down i go losing every step
            C           G                           Em
i sense an earthquake, I-L-U don't even know how to say it
             C        Am7                 Bm7            D
when will it break, today is gone but tomorrow will be okay

Oh it's another day... (2x)
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morning awakes me, i need a special plan
this very simple task i cannot overcome
hundreds of streets i roamed in search for a perfect line 
but nothing i found good enough for a boy like you 

repeat refrain
repeat chorus 2x

Interlude: Em-D-C (2x)
           G-D-C (2x)

Am7-Bm7                 C      D     
why can never let you go, so strange extraordinary
Am7-Bm7                  C     D  
why can never tell you so, i must be done
Am7-Bm7                  C         D-----------------------------
why can never let this go, can't stop this fun it must be done

repeat chorus 2x

Use capo on 2nd fret. Please rate this song.
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enjoy! it's one of my favorite songs.