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Group: Mojo The Helper Monkey
Song: #5

Play all through verse and Chorus:
e x       x       x       x                       
- x       x       x       x                   
- x   x3  x   x3  5   x3  7   x3                  
- 5       7       5       7                       
- 5       7       3       5                     
E 3       5       x       x                      

I will Survive 
Cause to you all that I am
Is Boyfriend # 5
Boyfriend #5
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So I wasn't as much fun as Boyfriend # 1
And I guess Youll Never be true Like with me and # 2
And I hope he does to you like you did to me
goin behind my back like boyfriend #3
And It don't matter no more cause babe I'm showin you the door
just like you did before with boyfriend #4

And then there's me and No I'm Not one two or three
and oh yes and whore I 'm not #4
I know you wont be happy untill your next relationship fix
I know you wont be happy till you've cheated on #6