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Elvis Is Everywhere Tab

Elvis is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper

B  - 799877
E  - 022100
F# - 244322

One guitar (probably Mojo) in this song is playing "shuffle chords,"
and another (probably Skid) is sometimes playing full chords.


Riff 1:       | Riff 2:

When I look into your eyes out there, when I look out into your faces, you know what I 
see? I see a little bit of Elvis in each and every one out there, let me tell ya! Wellllllll...

Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is everything
E                    B
Elvis is everybody, Elvis is still the King
F#                E
Man oh man what I want you see
           B               F#            B
We got the Big E inside of you and me

(B shuffle)
Elvis is everywhere, man, he's in everything, he's in everybody.  Elvis is in your genes, he's 
in your cheeseburgers, Elvis is in Nutty Buddies (Riff 1), Elvis is in your mom! He's in 
everybody, he's in the young, the old, the fat, the skinny, the white, the black, the brown, 
and the blue people got Elvis in 'em too.  Elvis is in everybody out there, everybody's 
got (Riff 1) Elvis in 'em, everybody except one person that is.  Yeah, one person, the evil 
opposite of Elvis, the anti-Elvis, anti-Elvis got no Elvis in him, let me tell ya.  (No chord) 
Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him, huh! (Back to music) Yeah, and Elvis is in Joan Rivers, 
but he's trying to get out, man, he's trying to get out, listen up Joanie baby!

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Man there's a lot of unexplained phenomenon out there in the world, lot of things people 
say, "What the heck's going on?" let me tell ya.  Who built the Pyramids? Elvis! Who built 
Stonehenge? Elvis! Yeah man, you see guys walking down the street pushing shopping 
carts, and they think they're talking to Allah, they're talking to themselves, man no, they're 
talking to Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!  You know what's going on down at the Bermuda Triangle, 
down the Bermuda Triangle? Elvis needs boats, Elvis needs boats, Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis 
Elvis Elvis Elvis needs boats! Ah, the sailing Elvis, Captain Elvis, Commodore Elvis it is.  
Yeah man, you know people from outer space, people from outer space they come up to 
me, they don't look like Dr. Spock, they don't look like Klingons, all that Star Trek jive, they 
look like Elvis, Elvis, everybody in outer space looks like Elvis, cause Elvis is a perfect being.
 We're all moving to perfect peace and harmony toward Elvisness, soon all will become 
Elvis (Riff 2), everything, everywhere will be Elvis.  Why do you think they call it evolution 
anyway, it's really Elvislution, Elvislution!


That's right ladies and gentlemen, the time has come, the time has come to talk to that
little bit of Elvis inside of you, talk to it, call it up, say "Elvis, heal me! Save me Elvis!
Make me be born again in that perfect Elvis light!" That's right, you got that Elvis inside
of you and he's talking to you, he says he wants you to sing, everybody got to sing like the
King! Uh huh huh! (That is repeated in the background) Like the King, get that leg going
now, get your lip too, not no fool Billy Idol lip either, everybody, yeah we're rockin' now!
Elvis is with us, he's with us and he's speaking to us, he says peoples, he says peoples,
everybody, everybody got to sing!

Chorus (x2)

Last line of Chorus: