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Silver Tab

Song: Silver
Band: Moist
Tabbed by: Johnnie K 

        The song itself wasn't very hard to Tab out, but I had to do it from
memory so if there are a few mistakes please let me know.

The main chords (the ones played after the little riffs) are variations of

A:      x022xx
D Flat: x0020x
G:      x35500  I will call it G.  

The begining and the parts until Dave sings 'Everybody wants, Everybody says...' 
are the same.  to remind you of my symbols, I use '/' as the symbol for slide.

B---------------------------------------------------------------------    Repeat the whole thing.
G------------2-----------2-------2-/-5----------                         We'll call this Riff 1
D--2-3-2-0-2-2-3-2-0-0-3-2-0-2-3-2-/-5 ---------

G-----------2---------------2----------------------5--------------9-------------------------   Repeat once
D-----------2---------------0----------------------5--------------9-------------------------   We'll call this Riff 2
 Everybody wants, Everybody says, Everybody begs..In time

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For the second verse, repeat Riff 1 and 2 like you did before until the Chorus

and you will be the first to fall
D flat
every feeling will dissolve
G             B(?)
We are...silver
Morphine baby's final breath
D flat
Ever smothered to my breast
G          B(?)
We are Silver

Then there is a piano part that can be played on guitar, it is played before the
verse starts again.


Repeat this all again, afterwards Dave will break out into a high sung part
where Mark plays a basic scale variation.  I have gone through the trouble of
tabbing out the version on the album. The live version is different most of the
time.  There are a few effects in it that I haven't bothered to tab though, I
think it is just a basic wah pedal.


And then the whole thing repeats until the very end where there is another cool
keyboard riff that can be played on guitar.  This is

A----------------------------------3-------------             Repeat this twice,
I think, it varies a bit on the second time, but it isn't hard to figure out.

If anyone knows that chord played over the word 'Silver' please edit it in. 
This is all I can help you with for this song.

I was lost in between...have you been....have you been...have you been Silver???