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Silver Chords

Was just watching Moist play this live on YouTube as an acoustic song, and
it sounded pretty good! I'm not sure about a couple of the chords, but this 
sounds fairly close to the original.

Intro: Am / Dsus2* / Am / Fmaj7


Am               Dsus2*
Close your eyes, your Christ has come,
The crippled boy that you once knew,
The charmed enigma, chosen one..
Am            Dsus2*
Painted lips, skin ripped and torn,
Come touch and feel and lick and smell,
This envy I have known so well,
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Pre-chorus: (let the chords ring)
Am               C
Everybody wants, everybody says,
Fmaj7              G 
Everybody begs, in time...

Verse 2 and the second pre-chorus are exactly the same.

And you will be the first to fall,
Every feeling will dissolve,
Am       F
We are - silver..
Morphine baby's final breath,
Ever smothered to your breast,
Am       F
We are - silver...

During the breakdown, the chords are G and F (I think)

The last pre-chorus and chorus are as above, and end on Am.

That's it. A great song with a dark mood and rather cryptic lyrics - this 
version will sound good on acoustic as well.

* When playing Dsus2 (000230), you can use your forefinger on the first 
string and alternate with Dm (000231). In the chorus, you can also try 
playing Fmaj7 quickly after Dsus2 on the second line.