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Push Chords

Push by Moist (from memory, so it isn't completely accurate)

Verse chords:

B5     x2440x
Asus2  x0240x
G      32040x

Chorus chords:

A5     x022xx
E5     022xxx
G5     355xxx
F#5    244xxx

Intro: B5 Asus2 G Asus2

B5                 Asus2            G           Asus2 
A little bit more than you          ever wanted
A little bit more than you could    ever say
Did you really think that           I'd forgotten
Kicked in the windshield water comin' in, fade away, fade away

(I'm not sure where they go in relation to the lyrics, 
but the progression is A5 E5 G5 A5 E5 F#5)

Push just a little too late
Is this what you want, what you need
What you wanted me to be 
Always loved strapped to you
Lock it down and drive me through, oh
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Solo starts as some riffing on the B string (a lot like
Shake My Tree by Coverdale/Page) 3rd & 5th fret stuff.

That's the best I can do without my guitar.  Lyrics come with
the CD.  BUY IT.  Excellent CD.

I saw them live - excellent show - lots of energy, and they 
sound DAMN good.



Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 14:16:45 -0800
From: Denis Fitzpatrick 

Push by Moist's Intro Riff


Leave your pinky finger on the G-string's 4th
Fret throughout and it gives you that droning
effect throughout.  There is some kind of
hammer-on or pull off in there some where but I
don't know how to plat it.

My guitar teacher, Denis Hammerstedt showed me
the basic chord progression, and then I also
used a tab by some Mark guy to tab this out.

Neil Fitzpatrick