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Santa Isnt Real Chords

Written By: Kevin Reid & Steve Martel
Tabbed by: Steve Martel

4/4 - time

G :     32xx33  
Cadd7:  x32xx33 
Dsus4:  xxx233

G                           Cadd7
I walk in through the door, see you lyin there
You're curled up on the floor, your breasts are bear
G                        Cadd7
You tell me to get lost, you wanna be alone
I thought this was where my heart had a home
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(same pattern throughout)
I walk on down the hall clench my fist in rage
Our novel never had a chance to turn the next page
You shake your head, you cry in shame
It's always my fault and I'm always to blame

But now I lie awake just wondering why
Was it real or fake, am I too man to cry
(Cant remember the last two lines here)

I thought I knew it all, like when I was a kid,
but now I won't kneel and Santa isn't real.
It's painfull they say when hope floats away
When somethin you believe in has been smoke in your face.