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Sayn I Love You Chords

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Дата: 18 мая 2000 г. 5:38

the moffatts,ya ya.
 Tabbed by ake naptuner,
Chords: Say'n I Love You
Album: Chapter I: A New Beginning

Note:My second time now.....

Intro: G-D-Em-C-- 

  G                 D
Saying I love you 

    Em                   C
It's the hardest thing to do 

And if I ever do, 

         Em            C--
Girl, I'll always be true


      G             D
    I may not be the best 

     Em            C
    Looking guy you ever knew 

             G                 D
But I can show you love 
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              Em               C
That will always be true 

                 G                   D
And when your skies turn gray 

           Em            C
My love will guide the way 

              G                 D
And if these words that I hold 

                  Em          C
Could only be told 

(Repeat Chorus) 


Em         C
And when your tears 

              G       D,Eb,
Fall to the ground 

 Em                 C
    I will pick you up 

                G       D---
When your feeling down, woh.... 

Adlib: G-D-Em-C-;(2x) 

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Bridge except last word) 

      G        D(break)

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