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Girl Of My World Chords

Capo on 2 fret

Verse 1
Em7                        Cm7                                Gm7
I remember the first time laughing and talking with you about nine
Gm7                   D
We were getting alone nothing could go wrong
Em7                  Cm7                           Gm7
We talked as friends my life was changing from within
Gm7                   D
When people as me who i tell them im singing this song for you

G                 D                  C                 D                GDCD
My feelings were true i didn't have clue why i liked you the way that i do
G            D              C D                         G D
My feelings inside i can't describe but that feeling is love
C           D
Girl of my world
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Verse 2
Em7                      Cm7                          Gm7              D
My feelings were strong you did me wrong and now your gone your gone away
Em7         Cm7                   Gm7             D
i felt so blue without you in my life your gone away
Em7           Cm7          Gm7        D        
i sat at home all alone without you your gone away aa way


[7/8 7/8 7/8 7/8 7/8 7/8 11 8/7 8/7-------------------------------11-8-7-8-7

Bridge (slow)
Em7       Cm7     Gm7         D
Togather Forever is whar we thought
Em7        Cm7      Gm7                D
But Sadly mistaken our love turned to fault