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This is a Norwegian song by a group called MODS. Morten Abel was its focal point when
the group excisted in the 80's / 90's. Mods have many great pop/rock songs.


Ett år e gått

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E|| -----------|-------------|-------------|------------- ||
B|| -----------|-------------|-------------|------------- ||
G|| ----(5)----|-------------|-------------|------------- ||
D|| -10-(5)--5-|--7----------|--3--5---5-5-|-5----------- ||
A|| -10-(3)-5--|--7----------|--3--5---5-5-|-5----------- ||
E|| -8------3--|--5----------|--1--3---8-8-|-8----------- ||

Vers: Am?	F	C	G 

E|| -----------|-------------|
B|| -----------|-------------| 
G|| -----------|-------------|3X, before intro again
D|| -10-10 10--|---5-5-5-----|
A|| -10-10-10--|---3-3-3-----|
E|| -8--8--8---|---3-3-3-----|

Solo in A minor pentatonic?

Through the whole song you play the chords Am, F, C and G.

Transcribed by Sigbjørn "Ziggy Stardust".