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Lady Bass Tab

Artist: Modjo 
Song: Lady
Tabbed by: Pomogh

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The sing part
   Bm               G                Em*
G|----------|    G|----------|    G|----------|    
D|----------|    D|----------|    D|----------|
A|-2---2-2--| X4 A|----------| X2 A|-7---7-7--| X2 
E|----------|    E|-3---3-3--|    E|----------|
  *(sometimes the bass change to lower E bass)
No sing part
   Bm                      G                       G
G|------4/6-6--4---|    G|-----------------|    G|---------------|
D|----4----------4-|    D|------5/7-7--5-4-|    D|------5/7-5--4-|
A|-2---------------| X2 A|----5------------| X1 A|----5----------| X1
E|-----------------|    E|-3---------------|    E|-3-------------|

   Em                      Bm                       
G|-----------------|    G|------4/6-6--4---|    
D|------2/4-4--2---|    D|----4----------4-|
A|----2----------2-| X2 A|-2---------------| X2
E|-0---------------|    E|-----------------|    

In the last part of the "No sing part" the bass changed (the Bm part)

A|-2-----------2-2-2-2-2---|-->tap the bass

That's all hope you understand the tab. Any question? mail me at