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Melt With You Chords

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From: (Dudeman)
Subject: Re: REQ: Melt With You  by  Modern English 

The chords shown are drawn this way due to the diffences
in tab and font sizes from news reader to news reader.

"Melt With You" - English Beat (early '80's)

	This song is a snap to learn and hard to forget.
	I used the video of this song on Mtv to get the
	chords and solos. The guitar players hands are
	in good view throughout. It's a very basic song, 
	but when done right (and with an OK voice) it 
	sounds very nice.

	I play it on an 'old' Fender acustic 6 string. It
	will definitely sound better using a large bodied
	12 string.

	Apology: I'm not that well versed in the names of
	different chords, so I don't know the name of the
	two chords in this song.

	These two chords shown are 90% of the song. The 
	intro and the chorus are played the same. (Each
	chord strummed for an 8 count) For the refrain
	the #1 chord is held and picked. The rest is even
	simpler. The refrain, bridge and solo shown here
	are paterns which are repeated.

	Good luck and (as always) have fun.

(Frets are:F#; Numbers match to fingers)

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F4     F3    F2    F1
----|---3-|-----|----- E
----|-4---|-----|----- A
----|-----|--2--|----- D
----|-----|-----|----- G  O
----|-----|-----|--1-- B
----|-----|-----|----- E  O


F4     F3    F2    F1
----|-----|-----|----- E  X
----|---3-|-----|----- A
----|-4---|-----|----- D
----|-----|--2--|----- G
----|-----|-----|--1-- B
----|-----|-----|----- E  O

(Numbers denote fret)

------3-----------3-------- E
----3---3-------3---3------ A
--2-------2-0-2-------2-0-- D
--------------------------- G
--------------------------- B
--------------------------- E

Bridge to solo:
--------------------------- E
--------------------------- A
--------------------------- D
--------------------------- G
--------------------------- B
---13--11--9--13--11--9---- E

-------------10-----------  E
--10-----10-------------10- A
------9----------10--9----- D
--------------------------- G
--------------------------- B
--------------------------- E


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