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Insaan Tab

Mizraab's Insaan

Album: 		Mazi Haal Mustaqbil
Tabbed by: 	xalman_slash
Tunning: 	E standard

Bm  (799777)
Bm1 (224432)
G   (355455)
A   (577677)
C   (335553)
C1  (8,10,10,9,8,8)
D   (557775)
D1  (10,12,12,11,10,10)

U can play fifth chord of all chords like B5 instead of B minor chord

The song has its own feeling .. No doubt Faraz Anwar is the best musician in Asia (or 
be in the whole world)
its a tribute to the families of those brave men who sacrifies their lives for the motherland
if i had to rate "Mazi Haal Mustaqbil" (Mizraab's Album) i would have rated it as "The 
Album ever done in Asia"

I know it isnt accurate but if ya play it several times u will realize that its almost
accurate but some notes are missing in solo part

it needs correction if anyone can correct and add the tapping part than i'll be thankful 

Bm1 G A
Bm1 G C1 D1

Lead Part:
e ---------------------------------------------------|
B 8s10-12-88s10-12-12s15-8s10-12-12s15-13-12-10-8--|	it isnt 100% accurate but it works
G ---------------------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------|


Bm1 (U CAn add any other CHORD after Bm, if u think it should be added in verse 1)
Diloon mai barh rahi ... ghamoon mai doobti dharkanain

Bm1 G A C
barhti he ja rahi har dam kyun muskil har dum kyun mushkilain


C G Bm C D
Duniya ki Aankhoon say aansoon hosakay tou poonch dain

C G Bm G C
zindagi ka girta aanchal jo hosakay tou thaanm lain ...


Bm1 G A G
Insaan k Khuwab Ki Tabeer tou Insaan he hai

Bm1 G C1 D1 C1
Taqdeer kiya Tadbeer kiya hooo hooo rah guzar anjaan he hai ...

Tapping part:

can any one please help me tabbing it ???

Verse 2:

Same chords as given in verse 1


put your ring finger at 14th fret of B string, middle at 13th of B and index at 13th of G
u got the position now (tip: pluck once n dan mute dan pluck dan mute try it only at 
u r gonna hear the accurate sound)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/mizraab/insaan_tab.html ]
e --------------------------------------------|
B --14-14-14-14-14-14-14-13----16b18----------|
G --------------------------13----------------|
D --------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------|

e ------------------------------------------------|
B --16h14h13--------------------------------------|
G -----------13-15----15---15---------------------|
D -----------------13----13---15-13b15b17---------|
A ------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------|

e -----------------------------14v-------------------------------16v(16b18)--|
B --16h14h13----16-14-13-14b16-------16h14h13----16-14-13-14b16--------------|
G -----------13-------------------------------13-----------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e --16b18-15-13-------------------------|
B --------------16h14h13----------------|
G -----------------------15h13----------|
D -----------------------------15h13----|
A -----------------------------------15-|
E --------------------------------------|

e --------------------7-10-7--------10-7-|
B ---------------7-10--------7p10-7------|
G -----------7-9-------------------------|
D ------7-9------------------------------|
A --7-9----------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

   play it as long u think it should be ... with your pinky finger

e -12h15-12h17-12h15-12h17-12h19---------|???
B ---------------------------------------|
G ---------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

e -------14v-------16v-------------------|????????????????
B -13s14-----13s14-----------------------|????????????
G ---------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

shredding part and so on ..

for corrections and suggestions or additions
post your comment or let me know at salman_taurus86@msn.com