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Secret Side Tab

This song is by the Irish rock band Mixtwitch.
It is the second song on the album "Funny Cause It's True". They are surely
the best band in the world. Check out www.mixtwitch.com .
Mixtwitch : Secret Side

Intro:  D5   G5  x4

        D5   G5  x3    With distortion

 then   D5    Bb5   G5  A

Verse                        Bb5 (With Distortion)
    Was it somthing that I said?
    Are you dizzy in the head?
    This can wake you up your dead,

      And theres nothing I can't do.
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 Verse 2: (Same Chords)
    Lay the blame on someone else,
    While you just sit there on the fence,
    Do theese lines make any sense?
      Or have they changed to somthing new?

  D5        Bb5              G5                        A5
  I cant believe we said goodbye so many times this life

  All those years ago I tried, but it all ended that night

  Since that night I feel so sick, of this never ending trial.

  I,m not waiting any longer

   Street fights bore me every day
   Have theese folks nothing to say?
   we'll just wait untill the rain,
     Coz' they're running out of luck.

   My Friends left me here at home
   Help me here all alone,
   Outside world of telephone,
     Someone left it off the hook.

  D5        Bb5              G5                        A5
  I cant believe I've let it fly so many times this year

  I'm just sick and tired of waiting, for the secrets to our beer,

  every night I drown my sorrow, but do I feed my fear?.

  This just can't go on for much longer.

     Bass Solo while guitar plays
        D5      Bb5        G5        A5

  D5        Bb5              G5                       A5
  I cant believe the seasons this no reason for this hate,

  just because I've lost my mind, doesn't mean I've lost my faith,

  If I'd known she was going to say it, it would have made a break.

  I wish it had gone on for much longer. It's all a big mistake!