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Hope Is For People Chords

Mixtapes - Hope Is For People

A F# C# D
I'm tired of waiting around
But i don't wanna leave
A second verse will come but not that easily
These habits break they never go away
I'm sure I'll spend the day just fixing things
But I'm broke and I don't mean literally
I always choke so don't wait around for me
If I'm a mess then I guess it's just a stress
Cause I'm always staying up and I never second guess
I guess -> E-f#-g# (octaves)

A  D  F#  E
So I'd rather sit in my front yard
And I'd rather be close than far
And I'd rather just sit on the curb
And just look at the stars
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A F# C# D
I close my eyes and ears when everyone talks
I guess we only live and hear about our shitty jobs
And each day we get more content with just living this way
I guess maybe we forget
We used to dream and now it doesn't seem the same
I think I'll run away and jump off a bridge
And I'll swim until I can be free
Of everyone who keeps talking to me

E  D
And I'll play this guitar until my fingers bleed
And I'll sing until no one listens to me
And even then as you pretend you're happy
I'll be dancing on the graves of all your could-have-been's

A F# D E
We might fail
We might sink
We might die
But I think
That's the point
So so what
If we try it's good enough
We get scared
So we stay
We're so comfortable in the saddest way
What's the point
It's missing
So lets cut the bullshit and get to living