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The Drinking Song Chords

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Here's the way I play The Drinking Song by Moxy Fruvous (from their 
album Bargainville).

         G     D    G           D    C       D7
And the band played on   as the helicopter whirred
  C           G         D       G
Drunk on the lawn in a nuclear dawn
     G       D       G
My senses finally blurred.
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          G             C             G
He was a rock    to the end a solid reminder
          C       D7
Couldn't deny a friend
                  G             C           G
We lived in the noise and the sweet amber poison
  D              C           D7
Peekin' up the skirt of the end
           G      C                         G  ----+
And we'd drink   two gnarly dudes and some records |
            C               D7                     |(the chords for
Much like plates of black food                     |this half just
                  G       C             G          |repeat those
We filled up our faces,  saw some far places       |of the first
  D            C          D7                       |half)
Stood on the roof in the nude.                     |


the rest of the verses just repeat that pattern:

G C G  C D7   G C G  D C D7

  G     D    G       
Irene good night...  

===============================have fun!========================