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Sex Kills Chords

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From: Harlan L Thompson 

SEX KILLS- Joni Mitchell

TUNING: C G Bb Eb F Bb  or  D A C F G C  or  E B D G A D

E9  F#m7+5  E9  F#m7+5

Bm7+5                       Bm7+5
I pulled up behind a Cadillac, we were waiting for the light
F#m7+5                                 F#m7+5
And I took a look at his license plate, it said "JUST ICE"
Bm7+5               Bm7+5
Is justice just ice? Governed by greed and lust?
F#m7+5                             F#m7+5
Just the strong doing what they can and the weak suffering what they must?
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D11          E11            D11   E11
And the gas leaks, and the oil spills
D11             E11        E9        F#m7+5
And sex sells everything, sex kills
      E9        F#m7+5
Whoa sex kills

Doctor's pills give you brand new ills and the bills bury you like an 
Lawyers haven't been this popular since Robespierre slaughtered half of 
And Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know, the balance is undone, 
crazy ions
You can feel it out in traffic, everyone hates everyone

All these jackoffs at the office, the rapist in the pool
Oh and the tragedies in the nurseries, little kids packin' guns to school
The ulcerated ozone, these tumors of the skin
This hostile sun beatin down on this massive mess we're in

Sex kills
Oh sex kills
Sex kills

   E9  F#m7+5 Bm7+5  D11  E11 
D   0    0       0    5    7                 
A   9    7      12    5    7             
G   9    7      12    5    7                 
D   9    7      12    5    7                 
B   9    7      12    5    7             
E   0    0       0    5    7                  

NOTE: Before each chord (except E11 and D11) play this riff:

A --------
D --------
G --------
D --------
B -3/5----(then the chord)
E -----0--

Also, Joni plays this all the way down in C G Bb Eb G Bb, but noone's 
going to be the wiser if you play it in E B D G A D, the same tuning as 
Crosby, Stills and Nash's Guinnevere and much easier to tune to.  And 
thanks to Howard who has already posted the gist of this earlier.