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>From Fri Jul 24 07:24 PDT 1992

      This is normally a piano song, at least it was when Joni originally
      did it on an early album.  But this is from a David Crosby version
      from the "Alies" album.  Typed from memory. Mea culpa if there's any
      errors.  Phil-

			Real Good For Free
			  Joni Mitchell

         intro: C G D G C D
	G            Fmaj7       Em
        I slept last night in a good hotel
               Am         C       F    C
	I went shopping today for jewels
        G                Fmaj7        Em
	The wind rushed around in the dirty town
                Am            C           F    C
	And the children let out from the schools
              Am                  G
	I was standing on a noisy corner
        C               G       F C D
	Waiting for the walking green
        G                    Fmaj7         Em     
	Across the street he stood, and he played real good
               Am    C      F C
	On his clarinet for free
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        G         Fmaj7     Em
	Now me, I play for fortunes
                Am     C        F C
	And the velvet curtain calls
                G          Fmaj7          Em
	I got a black limosine and a few gentlemen
          Am         C         F  C
	Escorting me to these halls
                 Am                   G
	And I'll play if you have the money
           C           G          F C D
	Or if you're a friend to me
        G               Fmaj7        Em       
	But the one-man-band by the quick lunch stand
               Am           C        F  C  (Em D)
	He was playing real good for free

        G       Fmaj7      Em
	Nobody stopped to hear him
                  Am        C         F  C
	Though he played so sweet and high
             G           Fmaj7       Em      
	They knew he had never been on their TV
                Am              C     F  C
	So they passed his good music by
          Am                   G
	I meant to go over and ask for a song
              C        G     F  C  D
	Maybe put on a harmony
        G           Fmaj7            Em
	I heard his refrain as that signal changed
             Am      C                     F  C  (Em D)
	He was still playing real good for free

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