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From: Paul Fullam 
Subject: CRD: "Marcie" - Joni Mitchell

I am fairly sure I've got the chord shapes right or this one.....
however, the names are a different story altogether. 
.....if someone could correct the mistakes I may have made 
     in the names I'd appreciate it

Also, I'm leaving the right hand fingering for the player to 
work out for him/herself....its fairly easy...basically arpeggio
style (with some strumming) and picked up easily by listening to the song

.....thanks to Howard Wright for the tuning 

			   by Joni Mitchell
			from Song to a Seagull	

Tuning: (from low to high)  D G D G B G

there are two distinct chord progressions used in this song
which I call Patterns 1 & 2.

Pattern 1:

Gm7            A7
Marcie in the quilt of flowers
C6add2         G Cadd2 G  
Steps inside a candy store
Gm7                A7
Reds are sweet and greens are sour
C6add2          G Cadd2 G  G Cadd2 G
Still no letter at her door
D#                 D
So she'll wash her flower curtains
C                  B
Hang them in the wind to dry
Gm7             A7
Dust her tables with his shirt and
C6add2       G Cadd2 G  G Cadd2 G
wave another day goodbye

G Cadd2 G  G Cadd2 G

........repeat Pattern 1 for the following  :
[ Tab from: ]
Marcie's faucet needs a plumber
Marcie's sorrow needs a man
Red is autumn, green is summer
Greens are turning and the sand
All along the ocean beaches
stares up empty at the sky
Marcie buys a bag of peaches
stops a postman passing by

Pattern 2 :
Gmaj7                                       C(2)
And summer goes, falls to the sidewalk like string

and brown paper
Winter blows up from the river
There's no one to to take her......
G(2)     A7 C6add2 G Cadd2 G Gm7 A7 C6add2 G Cadd2 G 
to the sea

.........use Pattern 1 for the following :

Marcie dresses warm, its snowing
takes a yellow cab uptown
red is stop and green's for going
Sees a show and rides back down
Down along the Hudson River
Past the shipyards in the cold
still no letter's been delivered
still the winter's days unfold

.......and Pattern 2 for this :

Like magazines fading in dusty grey attics
and servers make a dream
Dream back to summer
and all he tells her
Wait for me

.......back to Pattern 1 for :

Marcie leaves and doesn't tell us
Where, why she moved away
Red is angry, green is jealous
that was all she had to say
Someone thought they saw her Sunday
window shopping in the rain
Some heard she bought a one-way
ticket and went west again


    DGDGBD              DGDGBD            DGDGBD              DGDGBD
    x33030              x22022            x22010              x02010
      Gm7                 A7               C6/9 	       Cadd2 
					 or C6add2 	

   DGDGBD              DGDGBD            DGDGBD              DGDGBD
   x8888x              x77777            x55555              x44444
     D#		          D		   C		        B

  DGDGBD              DGDGBD            DGDGBD              DGDGBD
  x44030              x55055            505430              000000
   Gmaj7  		C(2)		 G(2)		       G


I play the G(2) like this :


any corrections or improvements are of course welcome...