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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:33:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Mathew L. Needleman" 

I apologize but the last version I sent to you had several errors in it.
Please replace it with this one:

This was arranged by Steve Putz.  I added an intro and ending and
indicated the chord changes in the rest of the verses.  I removed a C
chord that Steve indicated was to be played after each verse because it
didnt sound right to me but you may wish to add it back in.  -Mathew
Needleman (

Circle Game
	-Joni Mitchell
Intro:  G/Am7/G/D7
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Y[G]esterday a [C] child came out to w[G]onder,
Caught a dragonf[C]ly inside a j[D7]ar.
Fe[G]arful when the s[C]ky is full of th[Bm]under,
And te[C]earful at the fa[G]lling [Am7] of a st[G]ar.

[G] And the seasons, they go [Am7]round and r[G]ound,
And the painted poinies go [Am7]up and d[G]own.
[C] Were captive on the carousel of t[G]ime.
[C] We cant return, we can only look be[Bm]hind 
>From where we c[C]ame,
And go r[G]ound and round and r[Am7]ound in the circle g[G]ame. [C] [G]

Then the child moved t[C]en times round the s[G]easons,
Skated over t[C]en clear frozen str[D7]eams.
[G]Words like, when youre ol[C]der, 
Must a[Bm]ppease him,
And pr[C]omises of s[G]omeday m[Am7]ke his dr[G]eams.

Sixteen springs and s[C]ixteen summers g[G]one now,
Cartwheels turn to c[C]ar wheels through the t[D7]own.
And they t[G]ell him take your t[C]ime,
It wont be l[Bm]ong now,
Til you d[C]rag your feet to s[Am7]low the circle d[G]own.

[G] So the years spin by and n[C]ow the boy is t[G]wenty,
Though his dreams have lost some g[C]randeur coming t[D7]rue.
Therell be n[G]ew dreams, maybe b[C]etter dreams, and p[Bm]lenty,
Be[C]fore the last rev[G]olving y[Am7]ear is t[G]hrough.
end [D7] [G]