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All Consuming Fire Chords

			  All Consuming Fire - Misty Edwards
Tabbed by: t3hrav3n
Email: rav3nkirbyc@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

This song and You Won't Relent are kinda one long song. However, this song 
is pretty easy, with just three chords. It starts off with the same chords 
as You Won't Relent, (C#m, E, A, F#m) then goes A cappella for A minute, 
then kicks in with these chords.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misty_edwards/all_consuming_fire_crd.html ]
Verse 1:
A             E B  A                    E B
All-consuming fire You're our heart's desire.
A               E    B            A               E B
Living flame of love come baptize us, come baptize us.

Verse 2:
A                   E         B
Let us fall more in love with You.

We wanna know how high, how deep, how wide is
E         B
Love Love Love.

It goes:
V1 x2 with You Won't Relent Chords
V1 a cappella 
V2 x4
V1 a cappella
Bridge x4
V1 x2