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Your Girl Chords

A F#m x4

And I wonder to myself

A F#m x2 D E
if your baby's feeling alright
is your baby coming out tonight?
Well if she does, you can call me up

A F#m x2 D E
I can show you to the central park
I can chauffeur in the rental car
but all I ask, is one small dance

A F#m Bm E
speaking french on the dance floor
while I hit her hind french doors
you don't seem to get she's not your girl

A F#m x2
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A F#m x2 D E
ooh girl it's good you're home alone
You've got a gash, let's get that sown
I saw hunger in your bones

A F#m x2 D E
I see your man's none to impressed
I think you off your feet and under your dress
and i hope you like a mess

A F#m Bm E
all alone in the middle of the night
I could've sworn I did everything right
So how come she's now your girl?

A F#m Bm E
and I was made to believe
we had a future, just you and me
do you want to throw that away?

A F#m x4 
(Oooooh ooh oh oh)
I can't believe
he looked into my eyes
he took you away from me
and said
"sorry, she's not your girl

and I wonder to myself