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Pineapple Girl Chords


F# Ebm x4 
I saw your package your nifty little package 
Read your letter bout how you loved my sweater
I am a kind man I'd love for you to visit
You'll see my country and all that there is in it.
Whoa ohh oh ohh oh
Whoa oh whoa oh ooh ah.
I'm not a mean one I'm just another leader
Whoa ohh oh ohh oh
Whoa oh whoa oh ooh ah.
So bring your mother I'd really like to meet her.
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B F# x2 C# Bm (hold this chord till just before girl) F#
I've heard your evil and I've heard your wicked
that you do bad things that would frighten children
lake eriee's frigid oh I hate the winter
but I still ice skate even though there's danger 
and that's okay with me every spider has a tree 
And the world goes round and round 
so be my little pineapple girl 

F# Ebm x2
I don't desire to be clueless creature 
just waltzing through the woods waiting to get eaten
I know my blood young and I seem so harmless
twist fast bring me down breed a heart of darkness 

B F# x2 C# C Bm (hold this chord till just before girl) F#
I am besieged by the vagaries of power
I'm all alone and lonely in this tower
I'm not that evil but there are some people
I might have to harm them don't mean to alarm you
if you want to get away from all the ills of the world 
You'll never be my pineapple girl 

F# B x2 F#