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Charlyne Chords

Don't know what key the recording is in (and don't really want to check right now), so 
I'm putting it in G.

G Em x2 C D G
Behind every single heartbeat
is another unsung malady
You don't know, but you hum along like you do
Play the fool
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G Em x3 C D G
You thought you could learn to love me and rule me
and hide all your sorrows in a Harley
and get all your kicks off acting crazy
When push comes to love,
you just ain't strong enough to let it go

Before you know it,
you're wrapped up in her web
Before you know it,
you're way in over your head
Before you know it,
you're finally in her bed

In the middle of the night,
in the middle of the street,
and you tear your hair
and you burn your sheets

G Em x4 C D G
Charlyne, Charlyne! (x4)
and I always play the fool for Charlyne