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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 15:54:11 0000
From: bmcphail 
Subject: TAB: Swoon - The Mission

                       Swoon - The Mission

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Main Riff
 | D               Bm           G

 | D               Bm           G

Chords/How to play it:
[To start play the main riff twice
 First time with a keyboard fading in with D major,
 second time add bass and feedback guitar          ]
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/mission/swoon_tab.html ]
D            G         D                G
I more than adore you, naked standing before you

     D                      G
Hold out your arms and open yourself wide

     D                   G
Hold me dear and bury me deep inside

Bm   A          G           Bm   A        G
Feel,  feel the glow,       Come,  come in slow

            D     Bm  G      D    Bm  G [Play main riff over these chords]
You make me swoon, 

[Following verse/chorus as above] 
I wanna turn you on, wanna take you high
Sleight of hand, slip of the tongue
Sweet, how sweet you taste
And the heat, the heat you make
            D     Bm  G             D     Bm  G  Em
You make me swoon,      you make me swoon

[Now play the main riff twice but with louder drums :]

[And play the following verse/chorus as the first]

I more than adore you, naked standing before you
Hush, baby hush, rush, here comes the rush

            D     Bm  G             D     Bm  G
You make me swoon,      you make me swoon

            D     Bm  G             D     Bm  G
You make me swoon,      you make me swoon

[Repeat D, Bm, G sequence to end, finish on a D]