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Dragonfly Chords

             D                 Bm                    F#m      A
When youíre scared and fell all alone reach out for me

       D                Bm                 F#m      A
In the cold and dark of night reach out for me

       G                    F#m
I will always be there for you
   G                         F#m
No matter what you say or you do
         G                 F#m               Em    A       
I will always shine hard for you and light your way

         D                      Bm              F#m      A
When the world is dragging you down reach out for me

     D                             Bm               F#m      A
When the hurting goes too deep for tears reach out for me
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 G                F#m
No matter how far away
G                   F#m
Whether itís night or day
G                     F#m             Em     A  Bb
Remember Iím under the same big sky as you

      Bm                     F#m                G 
The warmth from the sun will liberate and beautify

      Bm                F#m             G
So spread your wings and soar in to the sky  as the dragonfly

When you feeling shackled and chained
Reach out for me
When youíre tethered by doubt and fear
Reach out for me
Thereís nothing I wouldnít do
Iíd lay down my life for you
I want to believe in the spell in the spell your weave

And love will always heal and purify
So open up your wings and soar as the dragonfly
With every dawn
There comes a sunrise after every storm
There comes a blue sky with every kiss
There comes a promise