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Yokinology - Here Inside Chords

artist: yokinology
type: unmisc solo artist
title of the song: "Here Inside"

intro: Dm - Dm+M7 - Am - Bb

verse 1:

      Dm     Bb            F         C                  Dm
      Lying here in the rain, I was wishing you would come
               Bb            F               C
      Sitting here by the window, I'm only one
      F       C                Dm               Bb
     *I was fighting for the light that shines upon our hearts
     F         C                Dm                Bb
      If you will be here, then I could learn to fly
Refrain 1:

      F                Bb  Dm                    C   Am7 
      Higher than the sky, take these wings and fly away
      F                     Bb  Dm
      Hold my hand, don't cry; Here in my heart
      C                  F
      You'll be here inside

      F - Bb - C - Dm
verse 2:
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      Dm        Bb              F
      Then the sky, turned to gray
                   C             Dm
      Your image slowly fades away
               Bb           F                  C               
      I don't know what to do, you're driving me insane
      F       C              Dm               Bb
     *I was finding for the love, I feel for you inside
      F                C              Dm       Bb
      I run through mountains out at sea, to be...
Refrain 2:

         F                Bb  Dm                    C   Am7 
      Farther than the moon, hold my hand and will run away
        F            Bb  Dm
      Look into my eyes, You will see
       C                Dm
      You are here inside

          Bb         F         C
      My life, my strength is you
          Dm              Bb  F             C(hold)
      I breathe you, you are everything to me

                ( repeat refrain 1 )
                ( except last word )
         F - Bb
         Dm - C
         F - Bb
     C               F(let ring)
     You are here inside