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Nath - On Leave Chords

This is pretty easy (it has 6 simple Chords!), its my first song and i wrote
it myself, so bear with it. Sounds good with a capo on the second fret too.

Em7	(022033)
G	(320033)
A       (002220)
Am      (002210)
D       (000232)
C       (032010)

Intro:  Em7 D Am x2 then  Em7 D Am C D G

Try this picking pattern for the verses if you prefer it:
  D                 G                 D                 A

D            G
Ever since i met you
D              A
I've loved you pure
D                G         D              A
Right from the beginning, You've know the score
D        G                  D           A
But now, its time for me to love you no more

D G D A x2           -   You can strum these bits with a fast tempo, but make sure
you slow down after.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_your_songs/nath_on_leave_crd.html ]
D          G                 D              A
I remember the days when you stood there so fine
D            G             D        A
Wishing that you were just gonna be mine

D            G
Whoa yeah... Whoa yeah...
D            A
Whoa yeah... Whoa yeah o yeah.

D G D A x2

D            G
I loved your pretty eyes
Your lovely lips,
A                    -   Just strum the A once.
Your shapely hips.

D           G      D         A
You started a fire burning inside
D           G          D          A
And you can put it out using your mind    -    Sing this bit low and kind of motonomously
D           G      D            A
Why couldnt you be mine all the time

D               G
Your the girl i see in my dreams
    D                 A
and your the girl who tears my heart apart

D G D A x2

D       G            D       A
So when i'm on leave in your eyes
D         G             D       A        -   Just strum the A Once.         
Just know that it was because i despised all your lies.

I wrote this song after only playing for four months, but if you get
the right strum pattern, its awesome. Winner with the laydeez too ;)