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Andrew Riney - Emotions Chords

g             em
i keep lookin in all the places 
      c                   d
where you are supposed to be
em          g             d
but i never seem to find you 
your all i long to see
g            em 
i just cant seem to understand 
c                              d
what it was that changed your mind
em              g               d
all this time i thought i knew you
when really i was blind
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        (CHORUS 2x)
am            e
emotions are drowning me out
g                     d 
i cant seem to handle this
am              e       
couse your the one ive chosen
g                d
to spend my life with

        (CHORUS 2x)

g         em
but no i really love you 
     c            d
and know i always will
em               g 
becouse i cared about you then
d                    c2
and i care about you still
g           em 
even though i hurt you 
  c                    d
i cant seem to let you go 
em            g
i cant go on with out you
d                        c2
i want to make sure you know

        (CHORUS 2X)