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Allen Alex - My Love Tab

 Hey my names Alex and I wrote this song, I hope you guys enjoy it.
 Im a new artist in the music industry.

  Intro: Em C G D (x's 2)

        Em                          C                           G  C
  Verse: I've been spending all my time, Waiting here so patiently.
  Em                        C                                  G   C
  And I just sat around and cried, thinking of how I love you so.
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          Em                         C    G                        D
  Chorus: And your love for me is dieing, I just want you to know, I love
  you so.
  Em                          C    G                           D
  And my love for you aint dieing, I just wanna hear you say, you love
  me too.
           Em                    C                                G    D
  Verse 2: I remember all the times, you used to say you love me too.
  Em                                   C                            G   D
  My love for you shown through the skies, showed me who I need to be.

  Repeat chrous twice.


  Repeat chrous

  Well thats it, I hope you have fun with it. Well if you wanna tell me what you
think about it just e-mail me at FIZZHEAD54@hotmail.com