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The Tree - Big Swamp Gospel Chords & Tabs

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The Tree - Big Swamp Gospel Chords

Its basically just verse - G B C G, C G D and chorusish part - C G D G, C G D

  G                        B            C                      G
The Spanish moss drapes the tree line so thick I can barely see 
   C                   G             D
the path in front of me, walking this morning. 
      G           B                C                   G
Underneath the sun, without a cloud to block out Heaven,
        C                     G                 D 
or maybe up there is the devil. I'm not certain.

     C                 G           D                   G
 The Lord's Glory is Terrible, but Just, and I am ready 
      C           G                   D
to go forth into battle as His weapon. 

       G               B              C                    G
But I ain't seen a single soul since I came into Moss Bluff.
       C               G                  D          
It makes me wonder what I've done to lose God's grace.
     G                    B           C               G
Down the road a great tree reaches up to rival Heaven.
             C                 G                      D
Or maybe up there is the devil, at least in this place.

     C                       G         D                 G
The price for God's Protection is Heavy, but I will yield 
               C             G               D
so I can go forth into battle with His shield. 
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         G              B                C                G
A crowd gathers around down there beneath the mighty branches,
               C                 G             D
the red leaves and blackened apples of the tree.
         G                  B               C                 G
They sing and dance a twisted joy that's not a thing of heaven.
          C            G             D
It must be of the Devil, plain to see.

          C                    G                 D               G
The flames of the Lord's Justice burn with Cruelty, but Precision 
       C             G                    D
against all who deny they are His children.
           G              B               C                   G
So turn now to the Righteous path, for God will not be waiting 
       C                    G                D
to grab your soul from Satan at the End Times.
          G             B               C                   G
The crowd scatters away, leaving just one man in the picture.
                     C                 G           D
He breathes of darkness, sips of liquor red as wine.

     C                         G                     D              G
And I reach for the lord's sword, but there's nothing for me to grab 
          C                     G           D
as the sky turns red and the sun goes black. 

     G                  B                 C                  G       
Well preacher man, this must be the first day you've been in town.
              C               G                  D
If you need a guide to what's around, Hell, I'll oblige. 
    G                        B          C                    G
You see I wipe my ass with scripture, I spit on the gates of heaven. 
C                           G              D
Fool, you're talkin' to the Devil, are you blind? 

C                G            D                 G
Satan's Price is Terrible and collected without reason. 
    C                  G                 D
But drink here of this gin and you could meet him.