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The Morning Light - The Sounds Chords

Capo 1st 

C                                 G
don't you dare tell me i am the reason we are here
         Am                            F
i spend enough sleepless nights in this bed
               F                    G
to know this isn't just all in my head.

d-d-d-don't you say
that i'm ruining what we've made
we know enough to know we're both to blame
                   F                              G
it's like you're leaving the but you don't know the way
so i say.. 

C           G
i can't believe myself
      Am               F
i'm wishing to be anyone else
          C                 G              Am             F
and i'm feeling like all this hell might change something good
in the end
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   C                    G
and i, oh i just can't find a reason why
why you intentionally say goodbye
    F                                G
if this mess were up to me, we'd see eye-to-eye
            C                            G
but you get bored and run from the honest life
             Am                                F
sometimes it's where you're making me lose my mind
so i'll keep singing...


 C (hold)
it was the look on your face when i called out your name
 G (hold)
it was the days waiting for you alone in the rain
 Am (hold)
take me back to the top when i wish you could stay
 F (hold)
now i'm here it's the first step where i watch you fade away


   C                         G                      
..oh my god, this town, it feels like a headache...
           Am          F
..you were a safe bet.. a safe bet..
      C              G               Am                     F
..i'm falling in and out of love.. finally stopping what we were made of.. 

C (let ring)


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