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Tarkio - Tristian And Iseult Chords

Capo on 2nd if it makes it easier for you

Song by: Tarkio
Album: Sea Songs for Landlocked Sailors EP
Tab by: Mike K (mikekrieger[at]gmail[dot]com)

Tricky-ish chords:

Gmin9 (464446) or (x|11|9|11|11|x)
Bmaj7 (x24342)

Occasionally, the guitar will add the 6th into the Bmaj7 chord,
making it (x24344)

Bmaj7                               F#                Bmaj7
"Would you like to go out tonight?" said Tristan to Iseult.
        F#         Bmaj7		 F#           Bmaj7
"It's a lovely night to go to the Odeon, sit in the back row.
    F#                  Bmaj7 
I'm sick of staying in, oh."
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/tarkio_tristian_and_iseult_crd.html ]
Same as verse 1:
So they threw on some clothes, walked slowly down the street.
Lit by lantern light, through the market square.
Studied the marquee. Bought two tickets and some popcorn.

Gmin9                 Bmaj7
And on the screen the hero stands.
Gmin9            Bmaj7
The female lead, hand in hand.
(cont)           C#                Bmaj7
And says, "God I love you, but you trouble me."
She pushes him away.

F# Bmaj7 for the break, and the rest is the same as above

And as the credits rolled, Tristan turned to Iseult,
Said, "What did you think?"
"It was OK I guess. But that story's pretty old.
It's a bit cliched and hackneyed I thought, I thought."

And back out on the street, they stopped for some ice cream,
Talking quietly. There was nobody in the room in which they sat.
As he reached across the table, and just as their fingers crossed,
Timidly he whispered softly and says, "God I love you but you trouble me."
Said Tristan to Iseult.
Said Tristan to Iseult.