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Steven Georgiou - You Are Everything To Me Chords

Song: You are everything to me
Composer: Steven Georgiou

Capo 3



C , B , Am

I should have loved you,
Should have cried out your name,
I should have brought you flowers every day,

I should have told you,
How much I love you,
Since the very first of every day,


I just don't know why
Why i feel like this
But it's just a great feeling knowing that i met you

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[Coz] Everytime I see you, I just feel so happy,
I don't know why, but it is just so silly,
We both know, We don't know, how to be guilt free,
of knowing that I love you, and that you cannot be with me,

My regrets, My mistakes, never felt so lonely
I was a dumb fuck, never been so sorry,
When I close my eyes it is you that I always see
Thinking of those memories that are so precious to me

Oh |, I've never been so lonely,
You are everything to me,
Oh ^, With you I'm always happy
I hope that I was -never to dumb to realize everything,


I have loved you like a kid who loves his blankee
I have loved you like a girl who loves her teddy
I have loved you like my dog that never leaves me
I have loved you as if you are the one for me

2x (Once before end)

Repeat Intro to Chorus .Instrumental. then Refrain


I was so dumb before,
never realized that you're the one for me