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Steven Georgiou - Oh Money Chords

Title: Oh Money
Artist: Steven Georgiou (Me)

C G Am F

Look at all these people, so busy for money
They donít know, that's not the thing, for us to be happy,

What if we already got, all these money
That would be nothing if we are not happy

What if you are wealthy and you thought you'd be happy,
And then the time comes, that you are unhealthy,

I wish that everyone could just be happy,
For them not to go and chase for money

Money is nothing when we got no time,
To spend with our love ones, and tell them goodnight

Look at your sweetie waiting for you 
To come home and to tell you, that i love you

G Am F G

Donít wait for the time to pass by and be sorry
You always come home late, just to gain money

You forgot your date, for your wedding anniversary
You even forgot the birthday of your sweetie
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/steven_georgiou_oh_money_crd.html ]
She's crying and crying "oh where is my mommy/daddy"
She went to her room and lied down to stop crying . . . .

C G Am F

Why did money, poisoned our brains
We search for money for us not to feel the pain 

Of having nothing and we worry
That people will look at us as a poor family

We could be happy with a small farm 
Having everything to eat, and shelter to live on

Electronics is not a problem, and even electricity
If we don't have knowledge, about them honestly
I think about having a little family,
And live on a house, thatís full of simplicity

One thingís for sure, we cannot eat money
So try some new things and learn to be happy

Rep Chorus then STOP (coz fade is too mainstream) 3rd Composition Finished 
       C        G      Am     F