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Stefan Schill - When You Were Mine Chords

When You were Mine (Prince cover on the acoustic by Stefan Schil as played at the Dwdd recordings)

capo 6th (chords relative to capo)

E			B

When you were mine

A			B
I gave you all of my money

E		B
Time after time

A		B
You done me wrong

E		B
It was just like a dream

A				B
You let all my friends come over and meet

E			B
And you were so strange

A					B
You didnt have the decency to change the sheets

E				B
O Girl, when you were mine
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A				E
I used to let you wear all my clothes

E		B
You were so fine

A		B				A
Maybe thats the reason that it hurts me so

I know
				F A
That youre going with another guy

I dont care (dont care)

Coz I love you baby, thats no lie

I love you more than I did

when you were mine


He sometimes plays the E chord by hammering on only the A string, then playing the D string
as it is supposed in the E chord (finger on 2) and then going back to the open low E string