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Stealing Green - Sparks Chords

Artist: Stealing Green
Album: Stealing Green I
Song name: Sparks

tabbed by conchords101 (cordia@hotmail.co.uk)

Standard Tuning


Sitting here, driving home
Johnny Cash on the radio teaching me about lessons in life
     C                      G
That I don't really want to know

Like no matter how young and vibrant you were
There's lessons learned and a jar of hurt
C                               G
And you can't even play your own guitar

Dm, F, C, G

And the dreams you held, 
Mountains you felled
Time will still change
And you can't do a thing, no, no

(Chorus instrumental)

F, G, Am, Am/C

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Sometimes I sit and I prophesise my death
I am a wealthier man but I'm shorter of breath
In thrall to the gods, I'm in awe of the plan
And the tears of redemption at the love that I'd banned


        F               G  
Yes, my soul is growing old
Am                  C
What happens now my sparks won't fly
F                  G
My soul is growing old
Am                  Bb   Am       Bb
What happens now my well runs dry 

(middle 8)

Dm, F, C, G

There's no use calling out my name
I'm sorry, you're on your own

Chorus (omit the final Bb and chug on the Am)


Bb, Fsus2, C, 
Bb, Am, G
Bb, Fsus2, C, G, G7

Double chorus, end

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