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Starbomb - Luigis Ballad Chords & Tabs

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Starbomb - Luigis Ballad Chords

Intro: G, A7

[Danny Sexbang]
Princess Peach
Won't you listen to my speech
   G                         D
I don't have any stars of invincibility
     D                                 A
But you're the brightest star in the sky tonight for me
     G       D
I'm your Luigi

What up, bitch
I got a one-up, bitch
D                                C
What's inside the question block; it's my dick
D                              D
It's-a-me, a-Mario, I'm more Italian than pastrami
D                            C
I'll take you by the peaches and give you the hot salami
D                                 D         
I save you from dragons and evil Boos that are spooky
D                       C
Must I be a raccoon to get inside your tanooki
D                                          D
I will mount you like Yoshi and show you things you've never seen
D                       C
My mushroom's now mega, if you know what I mean
So suck it

[Danny Sexbang]
 G                Eb
Mario, you always do this shit
   Bb                       F
I like a girl and then you ruin it
    G              Eb
By yelling stuff about your dick
   Bb           F
Until they go away

[Rachel Bloom]
  G         Eb
Hey Luigi, it's okay
      Bb        F
That Mario's a bit risqu
      G                Eb
Just tell me what you need to say
  Bb               F
Please don't be afraid

[Danny Sexbang]
D             A
Oh, princess, it means so much for me to hear you say that
G                                                   D
The only thing I've ever wanted to tell you is that-goddamn it
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I'm here to pleasure that ass
D                                 C
I'd like to go first, princess, but I always come last
D                                       D
And you say we'll get together but I'm jacking off alone
D                      C
Koopa Troopa skeletons are the only Dry Bones
D                                      D
I am tired of the running 'round it's such a fucking hassle
D                              C
I go through shit and then you're in another fucking castle
D                                 D
You gotta think about it, well I don't believe the hype
D                                        C
You'll have a lot of time to think when you are smoking on my warp pipe

[Rachel Bloom]
G         Eb
O-M-G, I can't decide
     Bb                 F
On which of you should be the guy
    G               Eb
To take me on your mustache ride
         Bb          F
That'll redefine my life

[Rachel Bloom and Danny Sexbang]
     G             Eb
I'm ready to give love a shot
           Bb            F
It's not about how many coins you've got
   G                Eb
I just know I like you a lot
            Bb                 F
[Ego] Yo, sluts, check out my yacht (Ugh)

         G                    Eb
[Danny] Let me take you on a magic kart ride
            Bb                             F
[Ego] I'll bust all your balloons when I smack your backside
               G                             Eb
[Danny] We'll have such fun, I'll bring my friends along

                Bb                       F
I'll kick that Donkey Kong right in his konkey dong
 G                            Eb
Come on, Peach, it's time to make your choice
         Bb                              F
I'm the only plumber that can make your boobies rejoice
        G                            Eb
Green, lanky-ass brother ain't got shit on me
              Bb                          F
It's time to live out our story, of the princess and the pe-