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Ruby Day - Well Be Alright Chords

*Note: While this is a great song, it uses some odd chords, so be sure to check 
out the diagrams below. I made it from this video dft.ba/-RDWellBeAlright. I'm 
fairly sure this is accurate, but feel free to correct me. 

Capo 3, Standard tuning

G         320033
C         X32013
Em7       022033
[ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]  2X0233
Cool D    X54035
A7sus4     X02233
D         XX0232

Start with G
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/ruby_day_well_be_alright_crd.html ]
I waste my time 
        C                   Em7                      [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]
Singing songs about sailors and things that I regret    
I Don't know why
      C                           Em7                         [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]
I'm making endless playlists of songs that one day I'll forget
C                                 Cool D
We're obsessed with the past and future
Em7      [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]      C
And occasionally we fight
A7sus4                                   D
That it's hard to keep our heads above water
But I know we'll be alright 
`Cause I found love
             C                   Em7                    [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]
It's just as complicated as the songs warned it would be
Oh it's enough 
            C              Em7              [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]
To keep me fixated and my drifting out to sea
       C               CoolD    
With a combination of kisses 
           Em7    [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]    C
and simple mel-       o-     dies
A7sus4                   D
Yeah maybe love will be enough to set me
G   [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]  Em7
Fr-  E-        E
A7sus4                  D                G
And maybe love will be enough to set me free
[ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch]   Em7             C
        Cause I'm pretty messed up
          G           CoolD
In my head
Em7                   C                     G             CoolD
I don't do things forward but backwards instead
Em7                       C
I can sing to a room of strangers
              G   [ch]Dsus4/F#[/ch] Em7
But find it hard to make friends
And I'll be reckless I'll be dangerous
              D                       G
'Cause we're all just stories in the end