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Roundbox - 1-9 Chords

Lyrics by: Morgan F. Sanchez
Music by: Roundbox (Benjo Ramirez)
*This song was inspired by Rafa (<---Morgan!) 

Intro: G - D - Am - C (plucking)
 G                          D
Who have thought that I’ll fall in love with you?

         Am                     C                         G - D - Am - C
When I first saw you I never thought you’ll be part of my life

G               D                                  Am
I didn't even talk to you I just looked with a quick glance didn’t even

know your name

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 C              D          C               D
After a glance of once, I always want to see you


  G                      D                              Am
From that first time, I knew I cared for you without a doubt.

Until now…

  G          D          Am                C       
I'll never forget how happy I was…that I met you 

For you make a day beautiful for me

I never thought that I will see you again

Wanting to meet you was the hardest part

And by that, it give me time to know you

(Bridge) C-D
Then weeks after, we began to call and talk,

We have things that are really in common
(Chorus ulit)