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Roses For You - Hero Chords

this is my first tab, its a song by my band, you can listen to it here 

intro - pick the chords Bm and A alternatly

Bm        A              Bm               A
This is a story about a boy who was hated by his parents
Bm            A                   Bm
kicked out of every place he ever called home
Bm          A               Bm
he played a mean guitar and sung like an angel
Bm       A                  Bm
he could write a song about anything
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- chorus -
D      G    Bm
hes my hero
o yeah
D      G
hes my hero
- chorus - 
(repeat verse)
at various points in his life he lived on the road
in a van
playing his mean guitar with his band
leaving his girlfriend behind he felt really bad
getting a bad response from the audience


D               G               Bm          A
he was going to kill himself at one of his shows in rome
D           G               Bm               A
Jump off a 30 ft stack of speakers into the crowd
D              G              Bm                     A
but then this man he thought about it and he changed his mind
D       G              Bm            A
he got down and walked away from it all

(repeat verse)
this was a story of a man who is a legend
his band made music worthy for the gods
sure it was a little bit weird but it made a point
that life isn't all its cracked up to be

-chorus X2-
(2nd time) 
hes my hero
o yeah
kurt cobain you're my hero