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Rob Pattinson - Let Me Sign Chords

This is my first tab EVER. I couldn't find the tab to this song ANYWHERE so I did it. I
it's probably not completely accurate, but it sounds alright to me. The lyrics might not
correct, I jot them down by ear, but I've been listening to Rob since his Bobby Dupea 
so I'm sure I can pick up a few correct words out of his mumbling :] But all in all
is an amazing song so I had to put it up here! (I posted this under amberdrake221 and it 
tabbed by unregistered, which made me mad! so here it is again!)


She's standing by
a broken tree
Her hands are all twisted
She's pointing at me
I was damned by light coming
Over as she
Spoke with a voice that
Disrupted the sky
She said Hold on lover, yeah, Don't feel ashamed
I will wrap you in my arms and know that you will say
      Am           F
Let me sign, Let me sign
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