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Rab - Fiona Chords

F.I.O.N.A - Feelings I Omit Never Appear
Capo 4th Fret
All lyrics and chords by; Rab

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Verse 1
Em                    Am              Em                   Am
I pulled out all the stops for you so we could make this work
Em          Am              Em            Am
It seemed a good idea but i was such a jerk
Em          Am              Em            Am
Even though you had no time i did it anyway
Em                      Am            Em              Am
And thats just where it ended we went our seperate ways

Verse 2
Em               Am       Em              Am
I saw you yesterday walking with your friends
Em                 Am        Em              Am            
You were laughing and joking talking all about men
Em               Am         Em           Am
2 years was too much for you, you had enough
Em             Am            Em                Am
I'm Trying to get over you but i know its just to tough
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   D                       G       Em
And My Feeling running through my veins
      C                          D
The tears coming from my eyes, pouring down like rain
     A             G          Em 
Its anger going through my mind
          C                      D
I search all day for an answer i cant find

Em          Am     Em    Am
I know that ill be strong
Em          Am      Em      Am
Those kisses never meant a thing
Em           Am     Em        Am
Put my feelings through this song
Em         D        G
And that is why I sing

Verse 3

Em        Am         Em           Am
It's been 10 years now, since you went
Em          Am            Em             Am
I guess Fiona you never got the letter i sent
Em            Am              Em            Am
I'm hitched now with 2 kids, i can't let them go
Em                 Am                 Em                 Am
Now it's too late theres no escape i was just letting you know

Chorus x 2
Em        Am      Em      G
Feelings I Omit Never Appear