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Positive - Rozeazal Chords

Roze Azal by Positive

Hey.This is a great new song by a new band.Btw I ve been playing the instrument for only
a bit over a month now and this is my very first attempt but I assure u the chords are
perfect. Here u go.


F                032110
G               320003
Em            022000
Am            002210

F                            G
Jee rahein hain akele hi

Em                Am
Jostojo mein un ke

       F                   G
Jee raha hoo arzuon mein

 Em                           Am
Jo ajj hain kal nahin

        F                   G
Juda ho kar poochte hain

      Em                  Am
Ke hoti hai kya judaee

          F                 G
Likha hua hai rozeazal se

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/positive_rozeazal_crd.html ]
      Em                   Am

Ke mein kisi ka nahin

    F        Em     Am
Nahin nahin nahin


            F               G
Ae khuda suraj gerada 

  Em              Am
agar mile nahin

            F                G
Ae khuda mujhe jala de

    Em            Am
Agar mile nahin

The same chords go on for the rest of the song though the strumming pattern changes
as the drumming pattern changes.



Like I told u Im new at this so I deciphered just a part of the solo .I'll do the rest
as soon as learn how to. Till then rock on!

For comments mail me at ladycharsi@hotmail.com