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Petal Shop - Fake-a-frown Chords

by Petal Shop

C     (h)Fmaj7 (4x)

Verse 1
C     Fmaj7   C              Fmaj7           C
Let's let the weeds grow and the birds make nests 
C  Fmaj7        C          Fmaj7          C     Fmaj7  C
on inconvenient perches so we can be more humble . . . now
and let's grab each other's ankles and throw our little bodies
down inconvenient mountains so we can learn to tumble...now
See, I hear about this house with similar ambitions
kids who seem to listen, private rooms for kissin'
a little mecca for the real ones, who've found a way to steal fun 
from behind all these signs that are keeping us from wishin'

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C(walk down to)
 Am        F               C
(toodle-oo) Goodbye, my old town
      Gsusp               Am
got a better thing coming now (toodle-oo)
          F               C
Love your people and your sound
       G                 C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7
but I aint gonna fake a frown

Verse 2
And if these sirens call us and temperaments befall us 
and all these catchy mantras are too trite, my dear, to shout
recall that that this grain of salt that we've brought here in our mouths
is a string we've tied behind us (put there to remind us) you can always turn around


Verse 3
but soon the loop repeats and the holes behind the sheets 
come clearly into focus (surrounding us with motives)
and reasons we should fly (kiss another town goodbye)
and this life, so half-hearted, that we've accidentally started
will be shaken off our backs as we're strapping on our packs



Verse 4
And when our little feet have crossed too many streets
we'll know home when we see it, though our minds may not believe it
and we'll spread ourselves right out, get a matress and a couch
and live life like we mean it

Chorus (2X) 

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