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Pcm - Chemistry Chords

Chemistry- PCM

!This is our first song, hope you enjoy it!

Chords :
E :  xx122x
G#m : 222442
A: x333xx
Am: x122xx

Strumming Pattern:Down   Down  Mute.  Down Up Down   Mute.


E                                                   G#m
Look in your surroundings baby,  look all-a-around you baby,
A                                                   E
Is there any place where elements- arenít foundÖ
Be it the oxygen in the atmosphere, which helps support the biosphere,
A                                    E
Or the noble neon light, which makes our world so nice and bright and-

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Am                                         E
Ooooooooooooh,                  Canít you see,
G#m	                                        A
Chemistry,    has already made history .      and-
 Am                                         E
Ooooh-ah-ah,  ooooh-ah-ah,   Ooooh-ah-ah, oooh-ah-ah,
G#m	                                        A
Ooooh-ah-ah,  ooooh-ah-ah,   Ooooh-ah-ah, oooh-ah-ah.

(same chord progression)

Then thereís the periodic table, elements active or stable,
Hydrogen and helium, the powerful uranium.
There are valences of one, our very own hydrogen,
Then thereís valences of two, our super strong calcium.

(given above, remains the same)

(same chord progression)

Before English, long ago, there were names that we donít know,
Ferrumís iron, leads plumbum, silver is argentinum.
Scientists, latin or greek, worked and researched for weeks and weeks,
And thus these geniuses were able, to form our periodic table.

(given above, remains the same)

 e:  -----5---------4--------3----------2----------1-|
 a:  --------0---------0---------0----------0------1-|
 g:  --5---------4--------3-----------2------------0-|
 d:  ------------------------------------------------|
 b:  ------------------------------------------------|
*e:  ------------------------------------------------|

And all these elements are able, and found in our very own periodic table.

Thank- You.

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